Yukon 360 Canoe and Kayak Race

Yukon 360 2009 Results

Fetching data Click for help reading results in Google Earth

Dynamic updates in Google Earth.  This shows the current position of all boats, and updates automatically.  Get Google Earth

Static Results with history on Google Earth.  This shows all boats and the checkin history for all boats. It is a fairly busy display, but you can select what to display (which boats, whose history) in Google Earth.  Even if you don't have Google Earth, you can see the same data in Microsoft Live and (with less functionality) in Google Maps.

Do not refresh this page.  It automatically updates to give you the latest results.  This page prints best in landscape, and prints better in Firefox and Safari than Internet Explorer :-(.
Distances shown are "as the crow flies".
A yellow star means that the entry has been updated recently.

Yukon 1000 2009 Results