The Yukon 1000 Canoe Race Association runs a number of races.  Our headline race, of course, is the Yukon 1000.  In addition there is the Yukon 360, and a series of local races.

For each of the long races, the Yukon 1000 and Yukon 360, there are a number of ways of viewing the results.  You can see a table of where each racer is by waypoint down the river,

  • you can view the current positions of each boat in Google Earth (click here to get Google Earth),
  • or you can pull all the race data into Google Earth so you can see where each boat was at any moment of the race, or even replay the race. 
  • There is also a page where you can see an analysis of how fast each boat was going at any given time.

All the "clever stuff" is available from links near the bottom of the results pages under "techy stuff".

For the local races, there is just the one page for a season of races.  There is a table of results for each race, and a "Racer Standings Table".  This last can be a bit difficult to read if you haven't seen this sort of table before.  It shows on the left the racers in the order they were after the first race, then there you have to follow the lines across as the racers go up and down the rankings.  The racer names are repeated on the right hand side in the order they are after the last race.