A Series of Local Fun Races

May: Lake Schwatka to the Dragon and back,
June, August, September: Chadburn Lake.

The Dragon

Senior and Junior Races

Every Wednesday at 7pm

Last year we had our first "Wednesday night race" on the 6th of May, but last year the break up was earlier and slower.  This year there was no open water at all until after the weekend of the 9th.  Then quite quickly Kilometers of river opened.

This year we will start the races as soon as we can confidently paddle the south end of Schwatka lake.   The races start at the Lake Schwatka boat launch (off Chadburn Lake Road) and go up to through Miles Canyon to "The Dragon". , 5Km each way.  At this time of year the water levels are really low and racing up the canyon is not a challenge.  The round trip to "The Dragon" takes something like 1:20, with the very fasted boats taking an hour, and the very slowest two hours.

We welcome everyone from the most competitive hard core nutter to complete novices.  You will find people willing to share their expertise and equipment.  Often there are people looking for paddling partners.  I usually take both a solo and a tandem along so we can always cope with even or odd numbers.  It is always fun.

We want to start the races on time, so please try to get to the start by 6:45.

A point will be awarded for every race completed, and more points will be awarded to top places.  You can see last year's results at http://yukon1000.com/new/11summer/summer_results.php.  This year's results, once the races start, will be at http://yukon1000.com/new/12summer/summer_results.php

Paddlers will have to be members of the Yukon Canoe and kayak Club, so either have to pay $5 each race, or pay $20 for an annual membership.  This covers liability insurance and all that sort of thing.

Canoe and Kayak racing is a excellent low impact sport, and a perfect complement to running for cross training for you cross-country skiers.

The results are published here.

If you are interested, email us at info@yukon1000.com,
phone me on +1 867 333 0755

The postal address is
185 Falcon Drive, Whitehorse YT  Y1A 6T2, Canada