Entry forms for the Yukon 1000 and Yukon 360

start of Yukon 1000

Please select the race you are interested on the left, and fill out forms as much as possible.  You will be asked for lots of data.  You do not need to supply it all when you first register.  You can register with very little information, and you can come back later with your team name and a password and modify your entry, adding or changing any of the information.

After the registration forms have been submitted, you will be presented with an opportunity to pay.  You can pay online, or send us a cheque, or whatever.  The important thing is that you pay before the race.

Please fill in as much information as possible.  If you are uncomfortable using a web form, you can send us the information by post or fax.  The most reliable way of giving us the information is through these forms as it will be added to our database automatically.

You will be asked for names and addresses for each paddler, their aims, experience and reason for entering the race, and for a photo, if you have one.  If you are entering the Yukon 1000 you will also be asked for passport details.  Then you will be asked for any sponsors you want to mention, and any charities you are raising money for.  Finally you will be asked for descriptions of your boat(s) and for the "share pages" for your spot device(s).

That is a lot of information. You do not have to provide all of it now, you can come back and edit your entry later.  The fields labeled Required must be provided now. Fields labeled Optional you can get away with never providing.  If you have entered a Yukon 1000 or Yukon 360 in the past, you can copy information forward.  You will need a password to do that.  You will have to ask us what that password is for your old entry.

While you can add and change team members later, changing the number of paddlers in the team, will change the payment, and that is a hassle.

Payment is calculated on the number of paddlers you name.  If you know you will have 6 paddlers, but not not yet know who they are put something for the name of the paddlers.